Profitable Side Hustles for College Students

Even with student loans, scholarship money and some allowance from parents, the total amount of money needed to gratify your college needs and wants can never be enough. This is why it’s so important that while in college, you come up with ways that will enable you earn extra cash so as to make your life a little less financially stressful. Though the most obvious thing to do is to get a part-time job, there exist other options that can help you earn some good money. In this regard, here are some profitable side hustles for college students that you can embrace.

1. Open an Online Shop: Do you have things in your room/house that you barely ever use? Or are you creative and capable of designing beautiful crafts that are everyone’s envy? Or maybe there’re things in your surrounding that people from far away would kill to possess. If this is the case, then, you should consider opening an online shop, like on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or Bonanza and start selling these goods/products at a profit.

2. Become a Tour Guide: If you are well acquainted with your region, you could start a small tour guide company that’s aimed towards showing people around. By you offering quality services and charging reasonable fees, you’ll be surprised at just how fast this small company can grow.

3. Do People’s Taxes: Since not many people know the right way of doing their taxes, you can take advantage of this, especially during the tax season, and help them do their taxes. To attract more people, only charge them a small percentage of their total return.

4. Become a Medical Study Guinea Pig: Volunteering and participating in medical studies can give you a chance to earn as much as $1,000 in a single night. The more you’re willing to let doctors experiment on you the higher your pay. You can find where sign-up for a few at the government sponsored website.

5. Become a Party Planner: If you are good at planning birthday, wedding or student parties, you should consider put your skills into use. Alternatively, you could become a party promoter – assuming that you possess good marketing skills.

6. Become a TV/Movie Extra: With so many TV and film productions being shot, why not sign up to become an extra? By simply showing up at the location and walking about or standing, you’ll get paid a couple of hundred dollars.

7. Baby Sit: If you are good with kids, baby sitting every once in a while can help you make some really good money. At times, you can make up to $100 in a single night. You may also offer to babysit and tutor at the same time.

8. Tutoring: There being loads of students, especially ones in high school that are in need of extra tuition, you can talk to their parents and ask them to let you tutor them.

9. Sub-let your Apartment: If you have an extra room in your apartment, rent it out. The same should be the case when you are away especially during the holidays.

10. Become a Model: Do you consider yourself good looking enough to appear on advertisements or on the runway? If yes, then it’s time you became a model!

The key to making these hustles work for you is to take them seriously and, adopting a couple of them rather than being okay with just one. And of course, one of the most traditional side hustle activities in college would be simply to apply for scholarships.