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12 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. A brother has $15,000 in debt and is currently paying extremely high credit card interest (as much as 21% in some instances) on that debt. I have good credit and a credit card with an ample balance transfer limit and low APR. I am in a position to be able assume that debt (through a balance transfer to my lower APR credit card (is that legal and possible? ) with the hope of having the brother pay back the debt and avoid the extremely high interest rates that enslave.

    I searched the Word concerning lending and the Lord commends lending. I want to do the right thing by God and to do it on the basis of His wisdom and not mine. Can you offer me some advice on what I must take in to consideration?

  2. Part of my spouses income has been aquired through sinful means in my opinion. My spouse does not believe she is being sinful.

    What does the Bible say about money earned through sinful means? Should it be returned (likely impossible in this case) , given to charity or … what?

    I feel a little guilt at having the benefit of that money aquired sinfully. What should I do?

  3. I have some friends that own a business. This business, due to some hard times, has built up some debt that they are struggling to keep up with. I was wondering if it would be wrong to charge 1% interest on a loan to them to get them paid up so they can actually get back in the black?

  4. I am thinking of opening a scottrade account and would like to use you as a referral. Can you please give me your Referral Code? Thanks!


  5. Here’s a Christian personal finance book that’s written in a short story format about relevant money matters. It’s also designed for teenage to young adults and their parents. This one is different because it’s not loaded with too much of the technical jargon and is written in a conversation that can occur during any family setting and includes a little humor. Good read.

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