Download FREE TaxCut Software!

You can download a free copy of TaxCut Premium software here. (Edit: this no longer works. It was for the 2006 edition but here are six ways to file for free.)

So if you haven’t started your taxes yet or don’t want to buy some tax software, just download this free version! When you add it to your cart, make sure you remove “Extended Download Protection” which is $3.99.

I just tried it out and it worked! I was able to download it for free but this may be for a limited time so YMMV (your mileage may vary).

God Bless!

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Just Got My Tax Refund!


I just got my federal income tax refund direct deposited today! I got a “whopping” $202, which is pretty small compared to the average tax refund this year of $2,423, according to the IRS! I’m still waiting for my state refund, which is supposed to be $179.

If you haven’t already started on your 2006 taxes, get started now! The more you wait, the more you’ll keep putting it off. Get all your paperwork together and get the tax return done. If you have a refund due (which is two-thirds of you) then that should be enough incentive to finish your return and send it off. If you owe taxes, still get the return done, but wait until you file. I wouldn’t wait until the April 17, 2007 deadline, though, because of the mad rush close to the deadline. Instead file a week or two early to avoid the rush. That way, you’ll avoid the hassle and you’ll still maximize your money.

Don’t forget, tax day is April 17th this year! Only a month away! So get started now, or you’ll regret it!