Guest Post: 5 Personal Budgeting Tips

Everyone has variations in their own budgeting strategies. However, making a budget is one of the best things you can do for your finances. If you already have, these are a few budgeting tips that might just help you push your budget to the next level!

Wait before purchasing.

Never buy large purchase items with out waiting a week to really be sure that it is the best use of your money.

Spend Within Your Budget

You cannot spend more than you earn (like the U.S. Government) permanently. If there is something you need repaired (roof) or would like to have (laptop computer), make sure there is a plan in place. Think ahead several months, and start saving for it!

Do not charge the item and worry about it later. The key should be to get out of debt and stay out of it! This is precisely why Dave Ramsey suggests creating an emergency fund before you do anything. Once you have even a small emergency fund in place, it helps prevent “forced” credit card use.

Set money aside monthly for infrequent bills

Just because a bill isn’t paid monthly doesn’t mean that it can’t be budgeted for monthly. If you pay cheap life insurance every 6 months, just take that bill and divide by 6, viola! Now add that amount to your monthly budget, and when the next bill comes due, the money will be sitting there waiting!

Food and Cars

Food consists of items which always seem to rise in price. Be prepared to cut back on unnecessary purchases of food, when it starts to cut into your budget. You can start by not eating out as much, maybe once a week is enough. Keep in mind, unless there is a deflation (lowering of prices) and the government will never permit that to happen, everything you pay for will rise in price. This coves insurance, taxes and almost everything else.

If your car works, keep it. Paying off a car takes a while – which is why it is so good to get a cheap one and pay cash! Also, living in a city does not really require a large SUV. Your auto Insurance rates will be more expensive because of the required collision and comprehensive coverage that new vehicles require.

Budget for Giving

It makes it a whole heckuva lot more fun to give if you have the money sitting there waiting to be spent. This is such a simple and practical step, but it has completely changed my outlook on giving. Once the money is in the “giving account” it is no longer mine so it becomes so easy to give it away!


Have fun and splurge once in a while, not forgetting about your budget. Fun is a critical component to your budget that should not be overlooked. So be sure to stay balanced, committed, and determined. Happy budgeting!

This article was written by Bob. He writes for and is the editor of the Christian Personal Finance blog at