How to Find a Removal Company

Whether you are moving house or office, one way to cut down on the stress and labour of moving day is finding a good removal company. Why is it important?

If you only have a small move to complete, you might think you can get friends to help. It sounds ideal! You get an enthusiastic workforce and only have to pay with drinks and food (which you can share!). However, there’s no actual guarantee they’ll be free the day you need to move, and unless they happen to be a group of experienced house movers you befriended some time ago, they won’t be as efficient as the professionals: the process will take longer, and there’s the risk of injuries and broken or lost boxes. If you’re paying a removals firm, none of these things are your problem and you will be surprised at the sheer speed with which they can fill a van with everything you’ve packed up.

The argument in favour of finding professional movers is strong then: the next step is finding the right ones for this job.

The first step will be to talk to friends: many people move regularly in the 20s and 30s, especially in London and other big cities, and you’ll likely be able to get a recommendation from someone in your circle who has moved recently. Even if they just tell you about a bad experience they’ve had this is useful information that gives you something to avoid.

If this is a business move, talk to your professional network: the costs will likely be higher so you need to put more thought into finding the right firm for the job.

If you can’t get a direct recommendation, using sites like Check a Trade or Trustpilot will let you find recommended movers in your area and check customer reviews.

It’s also worth looking into local storage facilities. Some London storage like byStored businesses also offer pick up and delivery of your stored items, so if shop around, you may be able to use them both as storage solution and a removal service.

The most important thing to do is get multiple quotes from different companies: this will give you an idea of a reasonable price for the job on offer and make sure you’re protected at least somewhat from paying over the odds. If one company offers all the services you need but at a higher price, try letting them know you’ve found a lower quote elsewhere: they may be enthusiastic enough about your custom to reduce their price further.

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