Jobs in Chicago: Top Industries in the Windy City

Chicago’s economy is one that is fueled by both new and old industries that have withstood the test of time. With employer giants like J.P. Morgan Chase, AT&T, Allstate Corp. and Jewel-Osco in the Windy City, there are job opportunities in just about every field. The top industries include: business services, finance and insurance, information technology, manufacturing, health and transportation.

Business and Finance

When it comes to business and finance services, Chicago offers a richly diverse culture of expertise. There are more than one million residents working in this industry and some of the top occupations include:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Tax preparation
  • Security
  • Legal services
  • Advertising
  • Research & Development

The finance industry is always rich in job opportunities as the city is home to Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Chase, Bank of America and many other Federal Reserve banks. Job opportunities can also be found with the Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Information Technology

Not surprisingly, Chicago’s technology sector is seeing growth as new industries are emerging in the city. Some of the most active industries include:

  • Data hosting and processing
  • Internet publishing
  • Communications
  • Tech consulting services


In the manufacturing industry, Chicago continues to be one of the leaders with more than 10 percent of the local economy and 400,000 residents relying on the industry. With manufacturing on the decline in the United States, those in the industry may want to reconsider relocating to the Chicago area to take advantage of employment opportunities.


Chicago’s health industry is also booming with more than half a million people employed in the health services industry. The city is home to six different medical schools and more than 90 hospitals. If you are seeking a job in the healthcare industry, the Windy City has plenty to offer. Top jobs include:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Phlebotomist


The city of Chicago has long been a leader in America’s transportation and distribution industry. Over the last two decades, the city has become even more vital. As a result, there are plenty of job opportunities as companies are able to offer services that are competitively priced. The city is a hub for six Class I United States railroads. The city’s international airport handles more than one million tons of freight each year. Not only that, but the city is also home to two major ports and at the center of six of the country’s major highways. Needless to say, choosing employment in the transportation industry is a no-brainer for Chicago residents.

Although the unemployment rate for the state of Illinois sits at 8.6 percent, Chicago’s job opportunities are on the rise. Job seekers in the city can take advantage of job searching sites to find local employment opportunities that meet their skill level and experience. These sites are not only limited to Chicago residents either. They can be used by anyone, anywhere to find jobs in just about any city in the country.

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