If Caught in Disaster…Tips To Survive Your Next Long Hospital Stay

Maybe you have been a victim of one of the disastrous tornados, seasonal hurricane or a zombie apocalypse? Or you have ran into a complication in life, a bump in the road, and now you are in the hospital. You want to make this situation better.

This list of tasks will make your stay more comfortable, and you should take every comfort you can. You are also going to need to do things to make sure you remain in peak health, or at least, as healthy as possible.

Hospitals can be luxurious or provide the bare minimum. You are going to want to bring certain comfort items to ease your time in the hospital. And, you do not want to come out of the hospital in a depressed or agitated state from being cut off from your family. Even when going to the hospital is planned, the mere sight of nursing uniforms can cause many to start feeling anxious and scared.

Tips on Surviving Your Hospital Stay

  • Pillows. Hospitals are not famous for      providing you with the best pillows. Your pillow may be the most      comforting thing you have in a hospital – and you’ll be in contact with it      the majority of the time.
  • Different perspectives. Doctors have a highly      professional, rigorous course of study. But as with all sciences, there      are different opinions for each doctor. Your doctor may have a different      opinion than the doctor at the hospital. You may get multiple perspectives      from different resident doctors. You should decide on which one you want      to believe in and tell them both. Hearing what you want to hear as far as      a diagnosis should not be a deciding factor.
  • Laptops or tablets. If you have an iPad, bring it with      you. You are going to be spending a good deal of time lying down, so you      are going to want to be as comfortable as possible. If you have a laptop,      bring it with you. You are going to need a method of passing the time.      Most people prefer the Internet to television – especially daytime TV.      Most hospital rooms offer internet plans at affordable rates to make you      feel at home during your hospital stay.
  • Comfortable Clothing. Hospital clothing is not the      most fashionable nor is it very comfortable. More than likely you will be      having visitors and the open back gown that they provide is not the best      way to greet your guests. So on days when you will not be in surgery      consider purchasing your own scrubs to wear during your stay. They are now      very fashionable and come in many designs such as Dickies brand scrubs or      Cherokee.
  • Questions. You should be asking plenty of      questions on what your doctor is doing and why they are doing it. Being      uninformed in a hospital could be a problem. Writing      down all your questions,      will help and you won’t be wondering, since you know what is going to      happen.
  • Medicine list. You are going to want to have a      list of all the up-to-date medicines that you take on a regular basis.      Doctors may go through your records and decide to give you a new medicine.      They aren’t doing this to prescribe you with a wrong medication. The fault      often lies with your previous health care providers.
  • Leave. While the hospital is the best      place to receive the treatment you seek, it is not the best place to      recover and return to being less sickly. Instead, you should try to leave      the hospital as soon as you are permitted. You are putting yourself at      risk of greater complications the longer you stay in the hospital.

A hospital is a great place to get treatment, but it is not the best place to be. You would rather be somewhere other than a hospital. And you are going to want to get well soon, as the cards say.


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