Pray for Haiti…

(Photo by: Daniel Morel)

As many of you may know already, Haiti was hit with a devastating 7.3 earthquake on Tuesday killing an estimated 100,000 people or more and demolishing nearly everything in sight. The world has responded with aid including $100 million from the United States. But there is still more to be done.


100% of donations for the next two weeks here at Christian Finance Blog will go directly to Haiti earthquake relief (to the Red Cross). You can also donate $10 directly to the Red Cross by texting ‘HAITI’ to ‘90999. You will be charged on your cell phone bill.

But don’t just donate…pray. Prayer changes the atmosphere and prayer works miracles.

4 thoughts on “Pray for Haiti…”

  1. Of course everyone feels upset and yes we should pray for all the families that were destroyed. But when are we going to have hot line for the youth that is suffering in America. When are we going to clean out own house before we clean someone else’s? I am not saying we should not look out for other countries I just feel as though the pray for Haiti bandwagoned real quick when there are our own suffering

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