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So it’s now the start of a new year and a new decade. The holidays are over, and the reality of 2010 is starting to sink in. So what to do with all those useless gift cards? Sure, you could just spend, spend, spend, but aren’t you tired of spending. Wouldn’t you rather have some cash?

You can do just that with Plastic Jungle. Sell your unwanted and unused gift cards that are just laying around for up to 90% of the balance or up to 95% if you take an gift card ($25 minimum). Or you can buy gift cards at up to a 35% discount. Free shipping whether you buy or sell. With over 1400 retailers you should be able to find your retailer and sell that gift card you’re never going to use.

So I decided to try it out. This is actually my second time using the service, but the first time reviewing it. I had a $100 Chilli’s gift card which I am never going to use, so I decided to sell it.


The process is simple. Just click on “sell cards” and start typing your merchant. It will come up with a list of matching names. Then enter the card balance and click “See Offers”.


You will then see Plastic Jungle’s cash offer and gift card offer. You get more money with Amazon, but if you’d rather use the cash to pay down debt or something else like save it, take the cash offer. You’re going to get less with the cash offer. These numbers also change depending on supply and demand.


Then type in your card number and PIN (if applicable) and click “Continue”.


On this screen, you can add another gift card or even choose to donate part of the money to charity. A nice idea if you weren’t going to use the gift cards anyway and would like to do some giving. Next click “Continue”.


Here you can print out a prepaid envelope label and the receipt. They’ll also send the receipt to your email. Include the receipt along with your gift card(s) in the envelope and just drop it in the mail. As soon as Plastic Jungle receives your shipment and verifies the balance on the card(s), they’ll send you either a check or an gift card (depending on what you chose). And that’s it! Extra cash for the new year!

Now if you have gift cards that you would’ve used anyway, go ahead and use them. You’ll lose money by selling them for cash. But if they’re just gathering dust in your wallet, why not sell them for some extra green and use Plastic Jungle? They are the largest gift card card exchange site on the Internet.

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3 thoughts on “Make Some Extra Cash With Plastic Jungle”

  1. This is one of those website ideas where you say ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ The simplicity makes you wonder why this service was not popular in the past. It definitely sounds like a great way to both save money and make money off existing gift cards.

  2. You know allows you to list your unused giftcards, coupons, certificates and groupons for FREE. It’s local listing so to need to mail the card to some xyz company and wait for your check to arrive. And you get to decide the your own sale price. I have listed my Kohl’s 30 % coupon for sale on it. Nice way to make some bucks from those unused stuff.

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