Get Your Free Tax Questions Answered


From now until January 31, 2010, TurboTax is answering your tax questions! Just go to from 8am to 5pm Pacific time to request your tax advice. All you do is submit a personal, federal tax-related question online and a tax expert will call you back at the time you request.

You can also ask questions on their “Live Community” message boards. What a great way to get a jump on your taxes or to plan any tax-saving moves before the end of the year!

3 thoughts on “Get Your Free Tax Questions Answered”

  1. Can I claim my 30 year old son who was out of prison for half of the year and stayed at my home providing no income of his own.

  2. My parents are on fixed income (social security and a small pension). We were told that their income is so low that they do not need to file. Is this true? And if it is, would it still be beneficial for them to file considering out of pocket medical expenses, interest on their mortgage, or anything else that may help them get money back?

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