Did They Say That? Winston Churchil on Giving


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Sir Winston Churchill

Our lives are defined by what we give. Winston Churchill says it best. What are we giving today? How are we impacting someone’s life through our giving. We can change someone’s world just by giving. And it doesn’t always have to be money. Give a smile, a compliment, buy a lunch, give your time. There are so many ways to give.

16 thoughts on “Did They Say That? Winston Churchil on Giving”

  1. This is not Churchill’s quote. From my book, “Churchill by Himself,” appendix of unattributed quotations, page 576:

    “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.” –Reiterated in many sources including a 2005 TV ad by Lockheed Martin. An old saw put in Churchill’s mouth.

  2. Interesting quote coming from someone known more for his wartime leadership. Generosity definitely pays for itself in the rewards you get. I want to get rich to live a nice lifestyle, but I would also share that wealth with others around me.

  3. I think giving is something most Americans have forgotten. We consume and consume more and more, but we don’t give to those who need it like the Bible tells us. It’s really a sad situation.

  4. Hi ! I just discovered your site and I love how you relate finance with christianity. It’s quite interesting! looking forward to reading more great articles from you =)

  5. I believe in that state whole heartedly. Every week I volunteer at the county food bank as well as the health clinic. I also take time on weekends to help local kids with their reading. I think the more you give the better quality life you will have. Its good to take time and help people.

  6. Sounds reminiscent of a quotation on the wall of my local Sam’s Club:

    “It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”
    -Helen Walton

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