Did They Say That? Money Costs Too Much


“Money often costs too much.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

That is deep. What is money costing you? Your time? Your health? The time with your family? The saying goes, “Time is money.” But what are you sacrificing to gain earthly riches? Because it’s not about that. We have a higher goal. We have a higher motivation. A higher call. As Christians, we have an eternal perspective. Riches in heaven are worth far more than earthly riches that fade away and that we can’t take with us.

7 thoughts on “Did They Say That? Money Costs Too Much”

  1. Great quote! In the pursuit of riches it is far too easy to overlook things like health and happiness. You need to have priorities in life and money should not be the most important thing. Sure it helps achieve other goals, but you should not have to sacrifice more important things.

  2. You are right that is a pretty deep quote by Ralph, and I believe there is definitely a trade off to earn money, especially those who earn alot of money… most of them have high divorce rates because they don’t spend any family time at all, so they are making huge sacrifices to earn that kind of money.

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  3. Great post!!!
    You’ve made an important point here;” Money is not everything.“
    We need money to survive and achieve our goals, but we should not sacrifice important things and important people in our lives
    We must have time for everything, and know that the most important thing is be happy, love and be loved

  4. That is a very deep observation. Not many in our fast paced lives today realize it. We spend all our time in a crazy rat race for money, but many don’t really even reap the rewards of that money to enjoy it properly in the first place. That’s why the country folk are so happy. Even though they have little in the way of materialistic possessions, they lead happy lives.

  5. Very profound observation. Not many people are able to recognize that there are more important things than money. Such as being a good Christian and person as a whole.

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