Did They Say That? Suze Orman on Marriage and Money


“After you marry, every asset either of you acquires is jointly held. That’s why you both need to be in sync on your long-term financial goals, from paying off the mortgage to putting away for retirement. Ideally, you should talk about all this before you wed. If you don’t, you can end up deeply frustrated and financially spent.”

Suze Orman

Ms. Orman knows a thing or two about marriage and finances. She’s been advising people about money for a long time. She knows that money and relationships go together.

You could say that marriage is the number one cause of divorce. But in all seriousness, money and money problems are the number one reason for divorce in the U.S. Open communication and shared goals about money is a key to a strong marriage. Don’t lose your marriage! Get on the same page financially, relationally, spiritually, ideally before marriage. But it’s not too late. God can restore anything!

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