Free Quiznos Sub!!


Quiznos is giving out one million subs! Who doesn’t like free food? I sure love it! I actually redeemed mine today for lunch. You can pick a small Everyday Value sub or a small Signature Classic Sub. I ordered a Turkey Bacon Guacamole! Mmmmm.

But be aware, some restaurants might not participate. I rolled up to the one right next to work and there was a sign on the door, “We are not giving out free subs today!” So I had to drive to the other one in town.

All you have to do is register your name, email, and a few other things to have your coupon sent my email. Make sure you use your real name as they might check ID at the restaurant. You can use a disposable email so you don’t have to give your real one out.

Hurry, there have already been 425,688 as of right now given out. They’re only giving out 1 million!

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