Presidential Giveaway Continues! Day Six!


Day Six already for the Presidential Giveaway! The Presidential Giveaway Grand Prize is tomorrow! Don’t miss out! In the meantime check out today’s prize:


The Total Money Makeover Audio Book by Dave Ramsey ($24.99 value) (abridged and read by the author)

This one is in English not “en español”! It’s got three CDs and it’s perfect for anyone who commutes to work and has no time to read. Just listen and that’s it! It’s probably the easiest way to “read” a book. If your commute is 30 minutes each way, you can probably get through a couple of books a month this way!

How do I win?

  • Write a comment below about your commute to work, along with a valid email address.
  • Do it before 8:59 pm PST (11:59 pm EST) on March 1, 2009.
  • All winners will be selected randomly and announced on March 3, 2009.
  • Enter only once; duplicate entries or IP addresses will be disqualified.
  • I cannot guarantee safe delivery of items. In the rare case that mail is lost, stolen, etc. I cannot be held responsible.
  • All local laws, rules, and regulations apply.
  • Sign up for the Christian Finance Blog RSS feed to keep up to date on the winner and any upcoming giveaways!

Thanks for entering! Presidential Giveaway Day Seven is coming up tomorrow! It’s gonna be a huge Grand Prize giveaway!

Enter to win Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, and Day Seven!

16 thoughts on “Presidential Giveaway Continues! Day Six!”

  1. I walk to work! My commute is past flowers and kids playing and people washing their cars… and one barking dog. It beats driving or taking public transit any day.

  2. I’ve taken a better paying job closer to home. As a way to save money (and get my green on) I purchased a bike at a garage sale and now bike to work. In a cold and snowy climate, it does make for some iinteresting trips. But oon the nice days, it’s well worth the 15 minute sightseeing tour around town!

  3. I commute from Southern New Hampshire to Boston, MA each day on a commuter bus. It is about a 60 mile trip one way.

  4. I carpool with a friend to work (30 mins). My husband and I share a car so this is much easier than him dropping me off and then having to pick me up later.

  5. I drive about 21 miles round trip. It takes me about 20 minutes in the morning (not including the five minute walk from the closest parking spot I can find to my desk). It takes me about two hours in the evenings, but that includes stopping at the gym to workout. I don’t carpools as I don’t know anyone who lives near me, works the same hours I like to (starting about 6am), works out at the same gym I do and keeps the same gym schedule as me.

  6. I drive ~ 20 minutes to work each way; and I *love* audio books. However, I don’t have a CD player in my (very old) car. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but can’t decide if it’s worth the expense, since I also love listening to NPR. I listen to audio books at home instead. Slowly, because I don’t have as much down time there.

    It would be great to bike to work, but it would take me hours to get there. I used to bike to work when I lived abroad.

  7. Holly, you can always convert the CD to MP3’s and use an MP3 player in your car with a cassette adapter or an FM transmitter (believe it or not, the cassette adapter will probably be the better choice because of sound quality). That would be a lot cheaper than getting a CD deck in your car and you can use it anywhere else, too!

  8. The contest is now over. Keeping reading the blog for upcoming giveaways! Subscribe to the feed! You never know when I’ll be in a giving mood!

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