Presidential Giveaway Day Five! More Dave Ramsey!


Dave Five already! Two more days to go! Here’s today’s Dave Ramsey prize:


La Transformacion Total de su Dinero by Dave Ramsey ($13.99 value)

You weren’t expecting this, were you? I haven’t forgotten about my brothers and sisters of Hispanic persuasion! Perfect for the Spanish-speaking person in your life.

Random fact: did you know that the U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world after Mexico with 45 million Spanish-speaking people! That’s why I took like 9 years of Spanish in school. I’m still not fluent, though!

How do I win?

  • Write a comment below about any Spanish word and its definition (keep it clean, this is a Christian blog after all), along with a valid email address.
  • Do it before 8:59 pm PST (11:59 pm EST) on February 28, 2009.
  • All winners will be selected randomly and announced on March 3, 2009.
  • Enter only once; duplicate entries or IP addresses will be disqualified.
  • I cannot guarantee safe delivery of items. In the rare case that mail is lost, stolen, etc. I cannot be held responsible.
  • All local laws, rules, and regulations apply.
  • Sign up for the Christian Finance Blog RSS feed to keep up to date on the winner and any upcoming giveaways!

Thanks for entering! Presidential Giveaway Day Six is coming up tomorrow! Don’t you just love getting prizes! I know I just love giving them out!

Enter to win Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Six, and Day Seven!

7 thoughts on “Presidential Giveaway Day Five! More Dave Ramsey!”

  1. huerta: (pronounced: where TAH) It’s a garden (either vegetable or flower). Just found your blog on the top 20 list and subscribed. Gracias!

  2. muchas gracias which means Thank very much! As in:
    Muchas gracias por el libro or Thank You very much for the book!

  3. Most of my the Spanish that I know I learned from Dora the Explorer. Oh, and for some reason I know “basura” is trash and “servietta” is napkin. I took French in high school. It made a lot more sense than Spanish at the time and where I was (just across the border from Canada). Then I moved to Texas after college. My French is only useful in what it shares with Spanish.

  4. The contest is now over. Keeping reading the blog for upcoming giveaways! Subscribe to the feed! You never know when I’ll be in a giving mood!

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