Presidential Giveaway Day Two!


This is Day Two of the Presidential Giveaway! Don’t miss out! You can still enter for Day One’s prize plus you can enter for today’s prize too! All you have to do is comment! How easy is that?

Here’s today’s prize:


Problogger by Darren Rowse (donated by Christian Personal Finance, thanks Bob!) ($24.99 value)

How do I win?

  • Write a comment below about your least favorite President and why, along with a valid email address.
  • Do it before 8:59 pm PST (11:59 pm EST) on February 25, 2009.
  • All winners will be selected randomly and announced on March 3, 2009.
  • Enter only once; duplicate entries or IP addresses will be disqualified.
  • I cannot guarantee safe delivery of items. In the rare case that mail is lost, stolen, etc. I cannot be held responsible.
  • All local laws, rules, and regulations apply.
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Thanks for entering! Make sure you come back tomorrow for Day Three of the huge Presidential Giveaway! You could win big!

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12 thoughts on “Presidential Giveaway Day Two!”

  1. Least favorite – Jimmy Carter. He was a weak and ineffectual president who couldn’t even work within his party. He has done much more as a former president.

  2. I’m not sure about the worst president, I guess I’d have to say Clinton, only because of the whole ‘lying’ thing, although I am sure there have been much worse presidents.

  3. I don’t think Carter was a very good president, although he’s gone on to do some great things. Possibly one of our best “former presidents”.

  4. My least favorite president was probably Clinton because of the lying under oath about something so stupid. I must say, though, that I am not sure about how good of a president he was aside from that. I don’t get very involved with politics.

  5. Probably Nixon, although I was just a baby when he was President. That whole scandal really shook the country up.

    I haven’t been really gung ho about any presidents in my lifetime, with the exception of Obama. It’s a really great feeling to admire one’s president; I hope he doesn’t do something stupid and blow it. 🙂

  6. I’d have to go with Clinton. I never felt that I could trust him and wasn’t ever sure how much Hillary was behind his politics. Not to mention the various scandals…

  7. First of all, I have to confess I’ve never followed politics much so my opinion on presidents probably aren’t that reliable, but I also have to say Clinton.

    Despite my not being very interested and not paying much attention to the news, I’ve heard/read enough about all his dishonorable acts to definitely know that I don’t like him.


  8. My least favorite president was Clinton due to all the lying (for such stupid reasons!). The seemingly constant scandals really got old. I never felt he was trustworthy because of that.

  9. Ronald Reagan for the Iran-Contra affair, refusing acknowledge and help out during the AIDS epidemic, he quadrupled the United States national debt, and the useless “War on Drugs” which floods our jail cells and wastes even more of our taxpaying dollars.
    Although I agree with some of his ideas, IRCA, for example, he’s the first name that popped into my head when asked this question for the reasons mentioned above. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. I’d go with Clinton because he’s the worst in my most recent memory. From his abortion policies to his whole lack of morals (Monica, perjury, etc), I think he set a really bad example for our country. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  11. My least favorite President is Bill Clinton. The lying did not set a good example to the American people. I feel the president should set the stage for the behavior of Americans. In my opinion, he did not do this.

  12. The contest is now over. Keeping reading the blog for upcoming giveaways! Subscribe to the feed! You never know when I’ll be in a giving mood!

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