Quick Tip: Figure Out Your Take-Home Pay


Here’s a quick and easy way to figure out your take-home pay. This calculator on Yahoo lets you figure out your take-home pay by inputting how much your gross pay is per pay period plus any allowances and deductions you have. So take out your pay stub and fill in the information! You can input “what-if” situations to see how a change in 401k withholding and other things can impact your take-home pay.

If you want to get a little more detailed, you can check out this calculator (hourly) which allows you to pick a state to get an even more accurate number for your take-home pay by calculating your state’s income tax rate and more.

Here’s one for if you’re on salary rather than an hourly wage. These are powered by PaycheckCity.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Figure Out Your Take-Home Pay”

  1. Hey Henry, I know you made this post a while ago, but I just checked out the link you provided, and its currently giving me the following message: “Sorry, Our calculators are temporarily not working. Please try again.” Anyway you can relink this?

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